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Welcome to DD AMTEK

DD AMTEK is a supplier of radio communication receivers and scanners, transceivers, antennas, cables, connectors, GPS and accessories

We supply all the below products and more. Complete range of products can be found in the catalog (not all items are in English yet, some are only Czech language at the moment) and in the e-shop.
E-mail us for quotes and shipping methods.

Our own best selling products, made in the Czech Republic.
Band-pass Filters, notch filters, attenuators, low-noise preamplifiers, splitters.
These devices greatly improve sensitivity, RF selectivity of your scanners and other receivers, remove overloading and interference, clean up your reception.
Band filters for AIR band, notch filters rejecting strong FM broadcast signals, filters for HF receivers and more.

LNA-O range of preamps NEW! Outdoor low noise pre-amplifiers, now 3 models:
LNA-DUAL-AIR-O dual band for both VHF and UHF AIRBANDS,
LNA-DUAL-VU-O dual band for VHF and UHF bands
LNA-WIDE-O wide band preamp 25-2000 MHz

See our catalog
Our US distributor website for filters(BPF, HPN, SP, ATT range)
and our US distributor website for pre-preamplifiers. (LNA range)

Special non-conductive guying ropes

High strength, low stretch, weather resistant.
Optimized for anchoring and antenna masts guying.
Based on the Dyneema and Polyester materials.

SteppIR Antennas
SteppIR means a clever solution of remotely tuneable 2el., 3el., 4el. Yagis, dipoles or verticals.
Want to have dozens of optimized high performance monobander antennas for any frequency from 6.9 to 54MHz while only one antenna is on your tower or roof? This is a dream come true with SteppIR. All antennas are stored in the memory of your control unit, all accessible at the push of a button. Each element of the antenna is remotely controlled by means of a stepping motor which precisely adjusts the length of a special highly conductive berillium copper stripe.
Find more at SteppIR website.
and in our catalog.
E-mail us for a price qoute and shipping methods.

RigExpert Antenna analyzers
Powerful antenna analyzers designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna-feeder paths. New AA-600/1000/1000 up to 600/1000/1400 MHz, economical models AA-30/AA-54 up to 30/54 MHz
Graphical SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) and impedance display is a key feature of this analyzer which significantly reduces time required to tune an antenna.
Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as memory storage and connection to a personal computer, make it attractive for professionals and hobbyists.

DD Amtek is Ten-Tec distributor for the Czech Republic. We supply all Ten-Tec products - the famous top class ORION II transceivers, new OMNI VII, high power PA's and antenna tuner, communication DSP receivers, kits etc. We ship to Europe and other continents.